Monday, March 26, 2012


You know, next time around maybe I'll make some kind of effort towards taking quality pictures.  Maybe.

So now I'm 37 weeks, officially "full-term", which means this baby could come any time and no one in the medical profession would bat an eye.  My eyes would be batting, quite a lot, but they will be doing that probably no matter when this baby decides to come.

Actually that's interesting, because I've been getting the distinct impression that this baby is ready, and coming out won't really be his decision.  Unless maybe it goes on WAY too long and then he'll be like "seriously woman, it's time."  Because I feel like it's my body that's making these decisions.  My body is the one that's not quite ready yet.  My body is the one that's busy pulling levers and calibrating settings and greasing the hinges.  The cargo is just fine chilling out in the docking bay until systems are go.

I could be wrong, but that's how I feel.  I don't think this kid is coming early. Which is good, because we still don't have a carseat.

I've been getting lots of leg cramps way up high in my thigh-hip joints, lots of twinges in the neighborhood of my cervix which I think is courtesy of his big ol' head.  I've been a slave to the bottle (of grape juice) lately, which usually makes him really interested in seeing how far and fast he can stretch his limbs.  Other than that, though, he's still pretty calm.  Sometimes I don't feel anything for hours.  Other times it's just gentle undulations and wriggles.

Right this minute he's fidgeting around.  I can't believe there's a full-term baby just under my skin.

So I still haven't taken pictures of the minor changes in the baby room, or of the amazingly sweet gifts I've been given so far.  But I do have a picture from my baby shower on saturday along with a picture of our dog house.

It's difficult to tell, but in the first picture I'm holding a motorcycle made out of baby things, courtesy of my awesome Aunt.  And behind me are, left to right, the quilt my mom and I made together (my first quilt!) and the quilt made by one of my sisters-in-law.  Hers is fantastically snuggly soft and matches the colors in his room perfectly.  More pictures on all of that to come.

And the dog house, because, I looked out the window the other day and saw the branch of blooming blossoms over the grungy house and thought it was too pretty not to snap a photo of.  Blossoms are showing up all over everywhere, and even though it's almost April I'm still shocked that spring is here.  I think it's because I'm still waiting for winter to happen.  Seriously, where did our winter go?  My tulips are already blooming and we actually need to mow the lawn.  It's a madhouse.

Today I have an appointment with the midwife and I think I get to have an internal exam.  Doesn't that sound lovely?  Is it okay if I don't want to get used to that?


  1. cuteness. both of those quilts look lovely!
    and...yeah, internal exams? blegh. that's been my favorite part about 1: already having had other babies and 2: homebirth midwives -- i get to opt out of those awful things.
    yay for full term! that is exciting! ...even though it does put d day at any time between now and very soon... ;) still, very exciting!

  2. haha I just love how you describe things!!

    That motorcycle made of baby things is such an awesome idea!! & I LOVE those quilts behind you! Seriously beautiful. I wish I knew how to do that.

    haha internal exams... suck. If we're talking about the ultrasound kind. At least you can pee after the normal ultrasound is done. Gah. I hate ultrasounds. I'm always so worried I'm going to pee myself, ha. I get scared that my bladder won't be full enough that I get it TOO full that I'm just so uncomfortable I start to tear up, hahahahhaha. I'm a weirdo.

    Anyway, the first time I had an internal ultrasound the lady said, "can you hold this for a second?" then LEFT THE ROOM. OH and they didn't let me go and pee after the first ultrasound! SO I was just laying there thinking I was going to pee all over the bed. I actually got up & walked around the whole place in the gown looking for the lady to see if I could finally pee... haha. That was at the hospital... from now one I go to a nice place where they let me pee. ha.

    ...long story, sorry. haha.