Monday, March 19, 2012

And now for something completely expected

9 Months.

 Not the best pictures of my life - maybe someday I'll take a picture with my head involved? - but they'll have to do because now I am officially a 9 month pregnant woman.  9 months!!?!  Why am I surprised by this??!?

Now I'm on weekly midwife appointments and labor watch, only not really that last one.  First timers, the good doctor told me, usually don't deliver before their due date, but I'm sure there are dames out there who can roll their eyes and say "pffft" before I even finish this sentence.  Isn't the individuality of earthly experience a wonderful thing?

I had Baby Shower #1 on Saturday and have some awesome things to show you which I have not yet photographed, but will.  Also, furniture!  So many things to show you.  Also, I need help decorating my house.  Pleeeaase help me!

Anyways, I had plans tonight to go to my mom's to work on the quilt we're making, but after a grueling grocery run to Wal-Mart which made my lower back just give up and fall completely off I've decided to stay home, take a steamy shower, and then paint my nails a fetching shade of blue I picked up earlier.  Pampering one's self, you know.

So I hope you all have a lovely evening as well.  Turn off the tv, especially if you're watching Alcatraz because you simply don't need to be sad about serial killers tonight, and paint yo dang nails.


  1. Your nine month belly is awesome!! I can't wait to meet this baby James!

    Also, I love the name of this post. And now for something completely different! ...Polkas!

  2. You better still be pregnant when I get there! Not that I don't want to meet baby James, but I gotta see you pregnant first!

    I painted my fingers and toes today. (Toes are yellow and fingers are lilac.) Yay for girlie things! ;)

  3. AH I wanna start watching Alcatraz! Except I got sucked into Sons of Anarchy & I need to finish, ha! I'm 6 episodes into season 2. LOVE IT.

    ANYWAY, you looooooook great! Can't wait to see all your goodies from your baby showa!!