Friday, September 7, 2012

James at 1 month

As promised...this post and the next one will be the missing months in James' photo history.

Here's my sweet little one month old:

This was one of his very first genuine smiles.

This was obviously his father's idea.

At this stage he was still making lots of ridiculous (and ridiculously cute) baby faces.  His eyes were still a little unfocused but he was starting to really notice things, and he was just beginning to smile regularly.

At one month we returned to work.  I could not have asked for an easier baby, and I believe it's his laid-back temperament that allows our situation of me bringing him to work with me, to work.  While he does get fussy like all babies, he doesn't need to be held constantly to be happy, and he's so patient while I'm taking care of Lauren.  It was much harder for me to adjust to having to divide my attention between him and another baby.  Now that he's getting older it's only getting easier; they're even starting to play with each other, which is crazy cute to watch.

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