Saturday, September 15, 2012

James at 4/5 months

Not four-fifths.  You know what I mean.

For the record, I'm a little sad at these.  Partly because the lighting in my room - where I've been taking all these - hasn't been good lately, which is honestly part of the reason why I had been putting off the 4 month photoshoot.  I think it's the position of the sun changing?  Or it's in my head, in which case I must have a really powerful head because I took these at the same time of day I'd been taking the other ones, and it's not overcast or anything, and these pictures are all dark dark dark.  And blurry.  SO FRUSTRATED WITH THE BLURRINESS.  Is it my lens, or is it me?  Hennyway.  The other reason I'm less than thrilled about this installment is because neither of us were really in the mood.  We were being silly and haphazard and particularly unprofessional.  Whatevs, we got them done and I still think he's cute.  So now let me introduce you to my son at 5 months old.

In this household we are entering the Age of the Feet because James found out he has them. 

They are remarkably satisfying to grab.

We are also continuing in the Age of the Chubby.  Poor guy wears the same shorts almost every day because all the pants I've been buying him are just too tight.  We're talking 9-month size!  We usually shop at Carter's because I always thought their clothes were cute, but I'm finding out they're made for the skinny kids, which this kid is not.  So if anyone knows of a chub-friendly clothing line, do let us know.

 James is also a happy boy, who is discovering more and more every day about how much fun giggling is.  

(Maybe some other photographer would move her boppy out of the background, but not this one.  Actually, I kind of like seeing bits and pieces of our regular life sneaking in; things I want to remember.)

(He was just about to sneeze.)

I don't know what he's doing here...

...or here, but he kept doing it.  Practicing his baby seal impression?

I consider this a definite outtake, but I just love that expression of unabashed joy.

These last two are my favorites from the whole set.  I think our new old duvet cover helps.

Sweet baby James makes our days shine.  I feel like a lucky girl, getting to spend my days with this boy and his daddy.  Before he was born, I was worried about how our life would change.  I was worried that I'd hate the change, that I'd hate the binkies everywhere, the baby smell, the constant caretaking, etc.  But I can say without hesitation that I've loved every minute of it.  Granted, I do have an easy baby and a good setup, so maybe it's no big deal that I love it.  But I feel that even if things changed and suddenly got really hard, I'd still love it.  I love every second of him.

My only complaint is that he grows too fast!   Some days I look at his face and I hardly recognize him.  I have to remind myself that he is an evolving person and not to get too comfortable with any one stage because it's all temporary.  I have to remind myself that James (and all of us, really) is not any one moment, but a never-ending collection of moments.  It's easy to assume things are what we see in a snapshot, but people are not that.  We move and grow and change.  My baby is not a baby, he's an eternal soul who happens to be in baby form right now.  It's hard for me to want to grasp the concept sometimes.  It's easy to want to make things hold still.

But we all just keep shufflin'.  

Here's one, two, and three.

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