Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Zoo!

3 posts in one day!  And all of them pictures, too. 

So, like I touched on in this post a few days ago, I've been feeling pretty sad, heavy, and weighed-down lately thinking about my friend's baby (who very sadly passed away last Tuesday), and also this poor sweet thing here (<--- warning if you click on that, some of the pictures are hard to look at).  I was needed to go do something fun and light with my little family I love so much.  Because of my job I have a pass to the zoo that gets all three of us in for free, so Tony suggested we do that.  And who can be sad at the zoo?

This kid doesn't really know that the zoo is anything special yet, so we put him in his animal shirt to see if that would help infuse some zoo-joy into him.  (It didn't.)

When I had the camera I was intent on trying to figure out the manual settings for each photo, but the light kept changing as the sun went in and out of clouds, so pictures kept coming out way too light or too dark like this one.

This kid also doesn't really know how to feel about hats.

So I was complaining a couple posts back about how there aren't any pictures of me with James, so I made Tony take the camera for a while so I could get some and now there are hardly any pictures of him with James at the zoo.  Sorry honey.

Also, I look really awkward in pictures anyway.

James conked out before we even got to the polar bear.

Some more proof of me messing with camera settings.  On the first one it's obviously way over-exposed, so I think I both lowered the ISO and slowed the shutter speed and it turned out much better the second time.

I know this is way way unfocused, but this is the only picture I could get of this.  We caught these giant tortoises at either the beginning or the tail end of an intimate moment.  I so wanted to hear that infamous turtle mating sound, but I guess he was shy.

An elephant's butt.  I was too late to capture her epic pee.

James slept contentedly through all of the good stuff, but we woke him up for the train ride.  Someday he'll care about all of this, maybe.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friends baby, I'll keep them in my thoughts. Makes me really cherish how perfect the children and babies are know are.

    On a lighter note, when I get a job and have some 'extra' money I'm coming to visit you. I love other cities Zoo's, lets make that a plan! Oh and you are sooooo cute. That over the shoulder look is so audrey hepburn. Love it.