Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brain Dump

I should probably not be looking up Final Fantasy 4 walkthroughs for my Gameboy Advance right now. 

I should probably be asleep in my bed with my head on my pillow and my butt all scooted up against my sleeping Tony.

Remember when 11:00 wasn't late?  I do.

Would it be bad form to pop the bubble wrap sitting next to me right now?

Tony got me Beauty and the Beast for Christmas, and we watched it tonight.  Do you know that Tony saw Beauty and the Beast maybe once or twice when he was younger and didn't remember hardly any of it?  Tragedy.  He sat and watched it with me, and laughed at the funny parts, and asked me if he was my Beast and if I danced around and sangs songs like Belle when he wasn't home, and he seemed a little swooney over how pretty Belle is.

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite.  Have you read this?:

Do so.

I'm kind of a fairytale lover.  I'm pretty much a sentimental person.  When I play video games like Final Fantasy, I put the characters in order according to their relationships to each other.  When #7 came out, my best friend and I would play it after school in my basement, complete with voices and everything.  We don't hang out anymore, but we still talk about that.

I still have dreams of my first car.  Her name was Towanda, and when I came out of stores and crossed the parking lot to her I was certain that she was happy to see me, like a faithful dog might be.

We're buying another car tomorrow, because both of ours died right before Christmas.  I'm excited about it, and I'll post pictures once we get her. 

She's yellow and I'm thinking of naming her Belle.


  1. You're awesome :) I haven't read that particular one but I've read others by Robin McKinley and I really like her. I just saw a new one on the shelf at Barnes and Noble called "Pegasus" that I really want to read :)

    Hope you guys had a merry Christmas!! <3

  2. i lov lov lov beauty and the beast.
    and yes, i do remember when 11 pm wasn't late. i remember when freakin 5:30 am wasn't late. in fact, i remember a time when all-nighters wouldn't even faze me. now, one would KILL me.

  3. Me and my husband are the exact opposite...he watched Beauty and the Beast alot and I had MAYBE seen it once. We bought it when it came out on blu-ray and i've watched it like three times now :)