Sunday, December 26, 2010



Was your Christmas merry?

Ours was.

We woke up, opened presents (gameboyoldschoolnintendoreloadingkitt-shirtbeautyandthebeasthandmadeblanket+miscellaneousstockingstuffers.  Now that's done, let's move on.)  And then we were treated to a tasty mountain breakfast up the canyon at Silver Fork Lodge by my lovely mother and stepfather.  And then, we snowboarded.  Guess who's learning her toe edge, and also learning about jumping up after a fall?

Snowboarding is exciting to me, because it's something I never thought I'd do.  Mentally or physically.  Strapping me footly into that board was a fear conquered in itself, and actually sliding down the mountain with some amount of speed is another.  This year I'm grateful for a patient husband.

So now we're looking forward to the New Year.  I'm not big on resolutions, but this year I may have something.  Nothing big or concrete, but something that works for myself.

I love Christmas, but I'm a little glad it's done with now.  Our first Christmas together was memorable.  I feel we've got some traditions started, but only time will tell.  The best part, though?  Seeing family.

This year, I got to know my sister better.

Which was a wonderful present in itself.  (But the boots she bought me are cool too.)


  1. glad you had a merry Christmas! :D

  2. snowboarding is the best! I started a few years ago, bought all the gear one summer, got acute mountain sickness the first time I went up with my own gear....and haven't been up since. I'm not scared, I just hated being sick. So this year I will definitely go.

  3. Resolution for Kayla: Go to lunch with her totally amazing awesome cousin heather... then maybe come do a photoshoot with her and her new cute camera with an awesome cute little tripod.

    ooo i vote this one!!!!