Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas List

I have a hard time not buying things for myself.  Not on a daily basis, but on days like these when Christmas shopping is involved and I'm spending money anyway, I find myself whispering "No, no," under my breath a lot and steadying myself as I walk away from whatever it is I'm dying to buy myself.  You see, I know what *I* like.  And  not so much what other people like, you know?  I'm beginning to realize that I need to learn how to be a better friend.

So let's get it out of our system, shall we? Here's some things I've been drooling over whilst walking about, trying to decide what my loved ones might be drooling over.

I've been in love with Cat Power for a while now, and this album is first on my list of new music to buy.

Still.  They just make me all warm inside.  Via VonlenskaVintage.

These kinds of bowls are delightful and practical and I'd probably want one even if I didn't knit.  Via RedHotPottery.


I've been wanting to read this for a while now, and I saw it again while browsing Barnes and Noble with my mom and sister.  Once I finish Deerskin, I'll probably find myself a copy.

Again in the knitting vein, Spud & Chloe yarn is my new crush.

Aaanyway.  Our tree is acquiring presents beneath it, and tonight Tony, Maya, and I are heading over to my mom's house to party it up with a bunch of beloved family. 



  1. that knitting bowl is great.
    i just learned how to knit on saturday, so i'm all in knitting mode, and think i need that bowl.

  2. The yarn bowl is freakin' genius! Seriously brilliant! Ah...and I totally understand the yarn love....sigh.. haha. I get like that, too, when I'm trying to shop for someone else I end up finding a million things I want... but, then I go and shop for myself....and only come home with stuff fo the kids. ;)

  3. I have wanted one of those yarn bowls since I first laid eyes on them!! Haha. I was hoping to get one for Christmas, but I didn't. I think next time I make a sale in my shop, I will have to reward myself & buy one!! haha.