Friday, December 24, 2010


(I never say that, by the way.  Except to Tony, and then only when I'm joking.)

But seriously.  Omg.

This is an earring holder, which I think is pretty genius, because currently my earring holder is one of our glass drinking cups.  Lulz.  (I don't say that either.)  Anyway, it's from here, and it's cute.

Hey, Merry Christmas everyone.  Or Happy Holidays.  You know.  Have you guys been totally gnoshing on Christmas goodies too?  I have, and I need to stop it because it's literally making me sick.  After one particularly treat-filled day I woke up completely nauseous and my first thought was "Oh no, I'm pregnant!" (I'm not) and my second thought was "Salad."  So for lunch today I am eating grape tomatoes, avocado, and smoked ham lunch meat.  It's like a sandwich without the bread, and I don't know why I chose to do things this way because, hello, I love bread.

Please have a Merry Christmas, everyone.  Tonight we're going to my brother's house for dinner, and then I'll be continuing my Holidays tradition of one year and watching The Empire Strikes Back (A New Hope was on Thanksgiving, and Return of the Jedi will be for New Year's.)  Then tomorrow it's our First Christmas as a married couple, which I think is the best thing ever.  I love being married.  We may even go snowboarding.  And then it's FONDUE DINNER WITH DAD, YIPPEE!!!  I love fondue and dads.



  1. You are so funny... :)
    That earring holder is sweet! Wanna know what I use for an earring holder now? My commemorative graduation mug, you know, the one with the names of everyone in our graduating class on the back. It's pretty sweet...
    Merry Christmas, my dear Kayla! Be safe and have the bestest time! :)

  2. (p.s. Did I mention my mug as earring holder is sweet? Because it is. Very.) ;)

  3. I agree. Dad's pretty much rock