Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who likes Halloween?

I'm REALLY tired.  If you point out any typos that may occur in this post, I will snore directly on you.  With my mouth open. 

And now it's time for something completely different.

Halloween was a merry time filled with fun and laughter and dressing up like other people/things.  And even as the grown adult I am now, I don't find this strange.  IN truth, I completely feast upn the opportunity to put much thought and energy into creating thrown-together, not Historically accurate in most ways, yet totally righteous costumes to wear for one night of the year.  Or however many parties we get invited to, which is usually one.

I tend to be a pirate every year.  And even on some non-Halloween days.  I feel pretty confident in my ability to dress like a pirate on a dime and in a flash.  I've been a pirate 4 times in 5 years, taking a break one year to be Lara Croft (*I should find a picture of that, cause it was every bit as cool as I hoped it would be), and then there was that year we decided to switch it up and went as Somali pirates.

So, what were we talking about again?  OH right, murder mystery parties.

This latest Halloween we wre invited by some old, beloved Highschool friends of mine to a murder mystery dinner party.  What was the theme?  Um, pirates.  Because this was one main thing I and those selfsame friensd had in common.  (We watched Pirates of the Caribbean 11 times in the theatre.  I'd say I wish I were kidding, but that would be a lie.)

We were assigned characters and it was all kinds of fun.  I was a saucy seamistress and Tony got to be the Governor or something.  All I can really remember is that his costume was way more complicated than I had anticipated, so most of it is hot-glued together.

The wife of one of my good buddies, Keala, (who also happens to be a local Utah photographer..nudge nudge...) snapped some pictures, which I am proceeding to share with you:

(The dashing be-bearded fellow in the center is Tom, who is good for many laughs.  His character didn't have any thumbs, and Tom's no-thumb one-liners seem to be all Tony and I can remember from the whole night.)

This next picture is because we though Tony made a pretty good George Washington.

Anyway, wasn't that fun?  The night truly was, and I love all my old friends, even though I miss them terribly and some days I really do just want to time travel back to the choice years of high school, just to relive some of the memories.  I'll stop lest I get heady with nostalgia.

* I found an unsatisfactory Lara Croft photo, but it'll have to do.  It's fuzzy, as cellphone pictures are wont to be, and the costume is incomplete - mostly I'm just missing my other gun and I think a leather backpack.  I don't remember.  I'm going to bed.

**All pictures except for the first and last are copyright Keala Casson Jarvis.**


  1. I've never been to a murder mystery, but if I ever do, I hope its like the episode of 3rd rock from the sun when they go to one...
    Your costumes look awesome. I've never been one to dress up, never know what to be, or how to put it together, or have anywhere to go if I did.. (I did dress up this year though. I was a nerd, but there are no pictures.) Anywho, fun for you :)
    Oh, hey... we should do a crafty night again. :)

    so so much.
    also: good costumes.

  3. Hahaha awesome!! I love it! A murder mystery party sounds kind of AWESOME. I would love to go to one of those!! By the way, you're like, a total babe!!!