Thursday, February 9, 2012


Gun Street Girl by Tom Waits on Grooveshark

Today and I got started off on a bad foot.

I just hate it when that happens.  It makes me want to honk at bad drivers and tell my husband he can sleep on the couch.

It makes me want to not be careful when I paint and to drink only hot chocolate all day so I feel even worse tonight.

It makes me want to go someplace really far away and sigh at mountains until my lungs hurt, and then take a nap in the sunshine so I wake up smelling hot and dusty.

But really it just makes me want to find something happy to distract my bad day from happening.

Usually I don't know what that is.  I think it might be tv (it's not tv).  Or baking something yummy.

Usually baking when I'm upset means I leave out things like sugar or baking soda.

Today the answer seems to be gritty blues music and the photos from my one and only album on Flickr.

And tonight I'd like to finish the painting I started yesterday - but only if my bad mood is gone.  Usually painting when I'm upset means the painting never gets finished.

If there was sunshine today, I would lay in it.



  1. Love you Kayla <3 I hope things get better!

    and I love these pictures. :) Where were they taken?

  2. Bah. It seemed like all of last week & the entire weekend started off on a bad foot. It sucked, a lot. Yesterday did, too. Blah. But, I'm used to it... the joys of depression & anxiety. ...

    Hopefully things look up for you soon! :)