Monday, February 13, 2012


I got to thinking, just now.
Something sweet Holly said in a comment to yesterday's post (my husband Tony says this a lot too, but you know, I can't link to him.)

Anyway.  She said, in response to my complaints of no energy, that it's okay because I am creating a HUMAN BEING.  Caps-locked and everything!  And maybe for the first time I realized "yeah!  I am!"  I don't know why the lightbulb suddenly dinged on, but you know what?  Our  bodies are amazing.  I am a factory right now, complete with 24-hour workdays and noxious gasses.  I can almost hear swinging hammers and buzzing saws in my ears right now.

I've decided being pregnant is basically the coolest thing ever.  Scary, exhausting, annoying, annoying to other people, thrilling, and cool.

Plus I get to eat like so much food. 

(Which is the best part, come on now.)


  1. Sometimes I have these cute little day dreams where you, Holly and I hang out. Because we all live in the same city of the same country.

    You see youre a babymachine... and I am a creepmachine. hah.

  2. It's true!! I love the way you explained what it's like!! haha.

    And I LOVE Rachael's comment!! AHHHHH. We seriously need to have a meetup one day!