Saturday, February 11, 2012


Kitties don't like taking pictures!

P.S. Thank you for putting up with all my photobooth pictures.  I know they're painfully underlit and horrifically unartistic and, most of all, lazy.  And, well, that's all I have to say about that.

On this grey but beautiful Saturday morning we (the cats, the dog, the fetus, and I) are feeling happy and listening to other people's playlists on Grooveshark.  The animals have mostly been laying around purring and snoring in turns, being either very bad or very good examples of what a Saturday should be, depending on your mood.  Today for me they are very bad, because I don't want to lay around all day.  Already I've got my hair curled and the dishes & laundry did, and I'm even almost done with my painting for the kid's room.  (No you can't see it, it's a s'prise.)  In a bit I'm going to get dressed and head to my mom's to use her sewing machine to alter the curtains I just bought.  And then I need to grocery shop!  And plan my lesson for church tomorrow!  Exciting things!

And all this time the littlest one around here has seemed happy exploring the many properties of rib bones (The Verdict: they are hard, and fun to kick, and very good for digging toes into.)

And that's basically it.  I'm getting a lot of body signals that it's time for lunch.  Yay lunch!

(P.P.S. It was the super wonderful Rachael from Lovely and Little's birthday yesterday.  You should go wish her a happy day-after-her-birthday!


  1. Sounds like someone is nestingggggggg! hehe. :)

  2. wait, if toes are in ribs, does that mean baby has turned?!
    can't wait to see that s'prise painting for the kid. i bet it's amazing. :)

  3. You are awesome! Love you tons!