Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5 things I'm grateful for Sunday: Tuesday Edition

So I never made it back last night.  I decided to go to bed instead.  (I guess someday I'll get back into my night owl routine, but for now I try to go to bed when the husband does, because I'm afraid to lose the sweet newness of being married.  Tell me, married folk, is it inevitable?  Already sometimes I feel it is, and it makes me sad.)

Anyway, since I was in transit on Sunday, here is the week's list of things I'm grateful for:

1. Getting out of town to freshen up my perspective.

2. The rare, almost 100% good day at work, when I'm not a grouch and can just enjoy playing with little ones.

3. Family prayer.

4. When iffy cars act reliable.

5. My husband, always.

Night, everyone.

1 comment:

  1. You can keep the newness of marriage if you work at it. It takes effort, but you can feel like newlyweds as long as you keep trying. :-) Don't give up. That's when things start to go stale.

    Just be creative and you'll keep that fire burning strong!