Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh, hi

Things have been slow around here.  It's been hot, and humid, and while I really can't complain about that because I do enough complaining in the Winter, it has sapped the desire and energy to do stuff.  You know.  So there's been lots of this

However, my sweet, beautiful husband and I have been enjoying long talks about important things and nothings, and just lazing around the house together.  Yesterday he suggested we do one of my favorite things in the whole world which I haven't done in years:

Feed the ducks!  Well, and mostly the geese.  So we went to the park at dusk and unloaded some spare hamburger buns on the gracious and well-fed geese.  We like the noises they make.  Though sometimes their boldness makes Tony make this face:

Speaking of bold geese, today at work we took the kids on a fieldtrip to Wheeler Farm (a totally rad farm in the middle of Salt Lake suburban-ness, complete with horses, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, ducks, geese, chickens, and at least one cool caterpillar I found.  I have all the animals memorized because one of the kids (we'll call him Seth) kept listing them long after we left.  He fell asleep on the van ride back to school muttering "Bye bye, farm!" to himself.  Kids make me appreciate life in so many ways.)  There was a huge gaggle of gigantic geese - seriously, they were as big as the 2-year olds.  And they were not shy, to put it in the least-descriptive term.  But the kids were brave and I give them points for that.  Some of them even followed my lead and (tried to) let the geese eat bread out of their hands.  I admit had the image of bitten fingers and pecked-out eyes flashed through my head a few times, and thought about how to explain that to parents, but fortunately none of that happened and we all left the farm in one piece.

It was miserably hot today.  And yet, somehow the heat hasn't deterred my love of hot chamomile tea before bed.  (Tried to get a picture of my pretty golden tea in my pretty Corelle teacup, but the camera battery had to die.)  I take my tea with honey.  What about you?

Tomorrow brings grocery shopping, eye-doctor appointments, and a drawing party with friends.  Saturdays are also for cleaning.  I just found a cherry stem hidden on my desk.  We haven't had cherries for weeks. 


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  1. Ah, what fun! I love Wheeler Farm and giant geese oh so much!

    I also make my tea with honey. Pretty much anything with honey gets an A+ in my book. Like blueberry waffles with... you guessed it... honey!

    But... what is Red Dead Redemption?