Monday, July 26, 2010

Back, armed with pictures

I'm back!  And loving it.  Getting out of town is good, but coming home is better.  I'm still a little pooped, so I won't chatter much, but I do have lots of pictures to show you.

We did a lot of the car thing.

We stayed at my sister's sweet trendy downtown loft, and I had a healthy breakfast.

We walked downtown Denver, and saw neat stuff... this bookstore, Tattered Cover.  I was so in love.

We went to a wedding, at the most beautiful location for a wedding ever, Red Rocks Colorado.
(I just love brides on their wedding day!  And after the ceremony when the new couple walked back down the aisle, they played "All You Need Is Love" and turned up the volume.  Awesome.)

My beautiful sister Kari and her adorkable man.

My niece and I couldn't resist playing on the rocks, even in our dresses and fancy shoes.  I need to go to Moab!

I know it's a picture overload - I took too many.  But when the scenery is so beautiful and you're in good company, it just can't be helped.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I missed 5 things Sunday, so I'll be back later to follow up.  See ya!


  1. Denver looks awesome! I love all the pictures. Sweet loft and gorgeous dress!

  2. Ahh that looks gorgeous! I want to go to Denver (and all of Colorado!) so badly.