Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Works in Progress

Sorry the second picture's so blurry.  It feels good to have projects going.  I'll post them all when they're finished (who's telling when that will be.)

Also, here's a vintage sheet I picked up on Saturday.  The pattern I want to make is in the background.  The sheet is only meant for practice and isn't the final fabric I want to use.  So don't worry, my judgment isn't actually impaired.  :)

It was a long day at work, so now I'm going to relax over a bowl of rice while watching Seinfeld with my cute honey.  After that my sweet friend Crissy invited us over for pie and a movie, which I think we can all safely agree is a very good combo.  Have a good night, everyone!


1 comment:

  1. You make pretty things! I'm excited to see the finished products :) You know, that's probably the one thing that makes me sad (only sometimes, not always), not having time to just create can be a bummer. But hanging out with cute babies makes up for it. ;)
    It was awesome-potamus to have you guys over. I hope you had a good time :)
    (And, see? I told you I stay up too late. It's kind of a problem...)