Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bloglift + Pretty Bird Bunting


Like the blog facelift?  My HTML skills are kinda sorta non-existent so I stayed up until 2 am tweaking things, but I'm pleased overall.  I even like my header, simple as it is.  The whole thing actually makes me very happy to look at.  I'm proud of myself, okay?

Also, in the process I managed to discover that Blogger updated their Post Editor or whatever you call it - you know, where you type out your posts.  This makes me positively giddy, because I'm sure we all know how FRUSTRATING it was before.  One little simple thing like being able to lengthen the typing box and I am a happy gal.  Thankyou, Blogger!

In other news, my 23rd birthday is coming up in a few weeks.  I haven't thought much about it; no parties planned or anything.  I'm a little excited to be turning 23 though, and I don't really know why.  I feel like these are good years.  Not a baby anymore, yet not anywhere near old enough to be worrying about getting old (that's a silly worry anyway, isn't it?).  I've decided to follow the lead of some other awesome friends and bloggers and create a "24 Things To Do Before 24" list.  I started it today (it's a lot harder than I thought it would be) but will wait to reveal it until my birthday.  Exciting, I know it. 

Before I go I want to share a little project I finished up a few days ago.

Bunting is popular nowadays and I wanted to try my hand at it.  I've been hanging onto this vintagey floral fabric for a while, using it in bits and pieces for different projects.  I completely love it; I think it's some of the prettiest fabric I've found.  I've also been doing a lot of embroidery lately and am in a "bird" stage, so I tossed them all together and came up with this simple design.  All three birds are hand-embroidered on muslin from a quick and easy sketch I did.  All the flags are backed with sew-on interfacing with a topstitched border in robin's egg blue, and hung on some teal yarn I found at a yard sale last year.

I hung it above this little corner of my studio I've been working on, and I think it goes perfectly.  Tony and I found both these oldschool typewriters at the thrift store.  They're kind of like our babies.  The cool retro thermos was also a thrift find.

Some closeups of the typewriters.  The pink beauty is a Lettera; Italian made from 1952, ultra-light weight and was used by journalists because it was so take-with-youable.  (Robin's egg added for effect.  Tony found it on the ground by the pine tree outside our door, in which apparently resides a new robin family, although I've yet to see them.)

This beauty is from the early 60s.  Considerably heavier and less wieldy, but we still like it. 

I'm so happy and satisfied with this little corner of our home.  It's exactly like I want it.  I hope you've enjoyed the peek into it as well!  Now I'm off to make dinner for me and the husband: Pasta Helper with roasted cauliflower.  Dude, we're just poor newlyweds.  :)



  1. Ah! Your birds are so cute!

    And I'm sorry, but those typewriters are sexy. Someone had to say it.

  2. Your typewriters are amazing! Love the bunting, so pretty!