Monday, August 23, 2010

5 things I'm grateful for Sunday: Monday Edition

Dude.  Sorry for the major blog neglect going on around here.  To tell the truth, "it" just hasn't been in me the last little while.  My days have consisted of an intense feeling of not wanting to do anything.  Well, anything where I have to think and perform.  There's been lots of taking the pup to the dog park and sitting on the couch with the boyface and playing Bejeweled Blitz (yuck).  With fingers crossed, though, I may be coming out of the slump.  Friday I began a new spur-of-the-moment knitting project, and I have some new ideas, and I put one of these (no, that's not me) in my hair for the first time. 

Last night I babysat a kid in my class and his baby brother for 5 hours, which was the starting point for a very busy week.  Tonight I'm going visiting teaching (finally!), Wednesday I say farewell to my love for 6 days (he's going camping) and then I'm off to help out a friend, Thursday night there's an annual Salmon Fry in my neighborhood, Friday is Stake Temple Night, and I'm also hoping to take Thursday and Friday off of work to go get my hair cut (YAY!) and then go job hunting.  And then, the weekend.  I.  Love.  Weekends.

So there's the much-overdue mini update on me.  I hope to not get in the habit of ignoring blogland because I truly do love it.  Sometimes we just have our funks.

Anyway, let's return to our regularly scheduled program.  :)


1. Getting new clothes once in a while.

2. Sunday dinners with the 'rents.

3. Being able to easily attain necessities like milk and toilet paper when we run out.

4. Fresh-baked anything.

5. Not having kids yet.  :)

Happy Monday, y'all.

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  1. I'd have to agree with you on all of your fav things today. Well, ok, so I'm grateful for my Monkeys, but I do appreciate how you need to relish the time without them. Once they come, your world will never be the same! (But trust me, it is so worth it once they're here!)

    Every time and every season!