Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 things I'm grateful for Sunday

Tonight I feel like it's real easy and a little difficult at the same time to come up with things I'm grateful for.  I miss Tony while he's been camping, but I've kept busy and thus haven't been too lonely.  I'm grateful for...well, here; let's just do this.

1. I'm grateful for time to myself, to both reconnect with myself and also to get things done.

2. I'm grateful for when my loved ones go away for a while, because I remember just how much I love them.

3. I'm grateful that I still get to go on movie-and-dinner dates with my Dad.

4. I'm grateful to have the bed to myself.

5. I'm grateful for embroidery floss.  (Really, it's just so pretty.)

Well, that's all.  I've enjoyed my few days off of work and am anxious for my honey to return in two days.  Hope you're all doing well!



  1. I love the floss picture! So colorful.

  2. Movie and dinner dates with your dad sounds great. :) And embroidery floss really is pretty.