Sunday, August 8, 2010

5 things I'm grateful for Sunday

1. Having a big strong man with the willingness and know-how to do things for us and our home, like build fences.

2. Our home, and our yard.  Both are small, but we love them.

3. Our simple lifestyle.

4. The love of family.

5. Our new little pup.

Thanks for the name suggestions, but we came up with one on our own.  We've decided to call her Maya, which is Sanskrit for "Illusion".  She's a very mellow, quiet pup, but brimming with sweetness and cuddles, and I felt the name was delicate enough for her.  Fun fact - Maya is also one of the names for the mother of Siddartha Guatama, aka Buddha.

(Crissy, I think Gertrude would have been a lovely name.  Tony is a different animal, however, when it comes to names. :))


  1. I love the name Maya! Beautiful!

    And way to go, Tony!

  2. Did you know I have the same birthday as Buddha? So, I guess it all worked out. ;)

    p.s. Way to go Tony :)

  3. Awe I love the puppy :) We've had border collies at my mom's for years. Tazia has 2 currently. Libery and Zip and they don't get very big, just hyper alot. lol. If you want a big dog you can come play with Star... she's a Huskey Boxer mix :) Love you! We still need to go to lunch!

  4. I love these posts. :) Maya sounds like the perfect name!

  5. So then Dr. Ruffenstein is totally out? dang... :P